Dry Freight Bodies

Whether you're in the market for a box truck or delivery truck or van, our series of dry freight truck bodies are designed and built to satisfy your every need.

Keep it Cool

From frozen food to fresh fruit and dairy, our series of refrigerated truck bodies are as diverse as the markets served.


Welcome to SC Bodies

Manufacturers and repairers of Insulated and Dryfreight Truck and Trailer Bodies
SC Bodies

SC Bodies, or as abbreviated from SPECIALIZED COMPOSITE BODIES, was born out of the availability of management and skilled personnel who saw potential in the market to apply their trade to satisfying Customer requirements of Specialized equipment in the Dryfreight and Insulated truck and trailer body market.

With proven success as a team over many decades in this industry, the company was established and

Registered in May 2018, and have already been successful in design and manufacture to many Dryfreight and Refrigeration truck and trailer bodies.

Key to our success as a team is the desire to ensure our customers’ needs regarding specification, build quality, delivery time, after sales service and most importantly, that our promises are met.


We Specialize in the manufacture, repairs, refurbishing and servicing of Insulated, Refrigeration and Dryfreight Truck and Trailer Bodies to the Specialized as well as Food Haul and General Dry Goods sectors of the Logistics and Transport industries.


Why should you deal with SC Bodies?

Pleasing Aesthetic

Our Products are designed and manufactured so as to ensure a pleasing aesthetic finish, allowing the flat white panels to become a Mobile Billboard for pleasant Corporate Identity, and Customer Product Advertising.

Durable Exterior

All corners inside and outside are fully laminated to form an Homogeneous bond, thus ensuring no water ingress. Our floors are adequately supported, using the highest of quality beams to ensure support against damage of Forklift and Pallet Jack loading machines as used in the industry.

Superior Insulation

Our Insulation and bonding methods are properly engineered to ensure our Customer’s loads are properly insulated, thus taking pressure off of the fridge units fitted, to lessen the burden of unnecessary emissions to our Ozone Layer.


We consistently strive to innovate our Production Methods, and Engineering Designs, with the purpose of ease of manufacture, and lower maintenance costs to the Customer. We strive to avoid the rising costs of imported materials by supporting our local technology.

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